How Buying a Cell Phone Outright Can Save You Hundreds!

In today’s society it’s essentially a necessity to have a cell phone.  Sure, it is possible, to do without, but with everyone having one, you’re liable to miss out on so much if you choose to go without one.  While the spending may seem counterintuitive, this post outlines a way to lessen the costs of having a cell phone without having to make any sacrifices like cutting the data portion of your plan.

How can spending an extra ~$500 help you save money?  The motivation to sign up for a standard 2-year agreement, through any cellular service provider (Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, etc.), is to either get your phone for free or to get that ~$500 discount towards your new phone.  The thing is, the cellular service providers end up paying for your phone, and they charge you a healthy premium for it.  In most cases, you are only eligible for the most expensive monthly plans, while customers who own their own phone are able to get the same plan features but at a discounted rate.  At the end of the 2-year term, you end up paying more for your phone costs, than if you had bought the phone outright yourself.  

If you buy the phone outright, there are two service providers that seem to give you a better deal than others.  They are Fido (a subsidiary of Rogers) and Public Mobile (a subsidiary of Telus).  With Fido, you are on the same network and receive the same reception as if you were a Rogers customer, and Public Mobile subscribers get the same reception, being on the same network as Telus customers.  

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