Ebates: Earn Money While You Shop!

Should You Use it?

Yes You Should!

What is Ebates.ca?  Well, it is an opportunity for you to save money. Ebates.ca is an opportunity for you to earn extra on your online spending.

How do you earn money?

From the Ebates.ca website, select from a list of 750 online retailers and you are redirected to the retailer’s website and do your online shopping like normal.  Then you sit and wait, typically within a day or two, and your account is credited with upwards of 1% cashback.

If you want to make your shopping even easier, you can install a browser extension called “Ebates Express” on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  This automates the process and the extension will notify you of any and all cash back opportunities, without having to visit the Ebates.ca website first.

Where does the money come from?

Ebates.ca is pretty transparent about it.  Retailers pay Ebates.ca a commission for every customer who makes a purchase.  They then split that commission with you!

Can you get real cash back?

Absolutely!  Real Canadian Dollars IS one of the options.  As long as your account balance is at least $5.01, Ebates.ca will send you a quarterly cheque.  At the time this review was written, Ebates.ca also offers our cashback through PayPal or as Amazon Gift Certificates.  Ebates.ca also gives you the option of sending a cheque to someone else, including charities!

What does it cost you?

It costs you nothing.  An account is free. In terms of time, it could cost you as little as a couple seconds to get real money back.  It hardly costs you any time.  In the first six months I’ve been a user, I’ve probably spent no more than a couple minutes total to earn that $90!  It takes no longer than 15 seconds to make each purchase.  You log-on to eBates.ca, find your vendor and start shopping!  

Does it actually work?

Yes!  If you shop online, it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll find retailers you already shop at on Ebates.ca.  Amazon.ca is the retailer that I use the most frequently. In fact, Ebates.ca might be worth it for Amazon.ca alone, between Amazon’s broad selection and the fact that so many people already shop there.  I’ve discovered another bonus too.

You don’t actually have to spend your own money to generate cash back into your Ebates.ca account.  It seems that you can be credited cashback with any form of payment, including gift cards. After getting a number of gift cards over the 2017 holiday season, I ended up making purchases on Hudson’s Bay and Amazon.  I ended up paying a couple dollars out of pocket to cover what the gift cards didn’t.  Because most of the purchases were covered by gift cards, I ended up with more in my Ebates.ca account than I actually spent out of pocket.

I’ve already mentioned amazon.ca and Hudson’s Bay.  There’s a healthy selection of home improvement retailers, between Home Depot, Rona, and Lowes.  In terms of fashion and clothing, there’s everything from the entire Gap Inc. line, to BCBG, to Kate Spade New York and Nordstrom’s.  For athletic wear, there’s Lululemon and Patagonia and for expectant mothers, there’s Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity. For electronics, there’s Best Buy and Staples, among others.  The travel merchants include third-party fare aggregators like Expedia.ca and Booking.com, as well as many hotel chains, airlines and car rental companies themselves. With over 750 merchants, there literally are far too many to list, but I wanted to give you a sense of the scope.

There’s also a Gift Card Shop, where you can also buy gift cards and get cash back as well.  Some of the gift cards for sale are from Ebates.ca retailers like Amazon.ca and Banana Republic, but some of the gift cards allow you to capitalize on Ebates.ca cash back opportunities at retailers that do not have an online presence.  For Grocery, there’s Real Canadian Superstore, Sobeys, Safeway, among others, and there are far too many restaurant options to list. At the end of the day, with the endless options on Ebates.ca, there are opportunities for savings for anyone and everyone who already shop’s online (as well as in-store with the gift cards).

How much can I expect to earn?

It really depends on how much you shop online.  Ebates.ca doesn’t really give you an extra discount, most of the rates are too low to be considered a sale.  Most cash back rates seem to be under 5%, and almost all the cash back that I have earned has been 1 or 2%. That being said, from time to time there are double cash back promotions.

The best comparison might be credit card rewards.  1% cashback on a credit card may not seem like much, but after a year (depending on how much you spend), you might easily reach $100 or more.  Another way to look at Ebates.ca, is as an opportunity to double your credit card rewards (since most Ebates.ca purchase are online and frequently require a credit card).

Everyone’s shopping habits are a bit different.  Living in a smaller town, I might end up doing more online shopping than the average person in a large city or metropolitan center.  That being said, if you live close enough to a retailer listed on Ebates.ca and don’t want to wait for your purchase to arrive by mail, you can still get your cashback by ordering online and picking up your purchase in store.

I’ve been using Ebates for less six months, and my lifetime cash back is approaching $90.  I haven’t increased my spending, all I do is check Ebates before I go online to shop to see if the retailer is listed.

What is the downside?

I can’t really think of any downside.  The worst that I can say, is that you have to be patient waiting for your free money.  It does seem Ebates a while to process payments and send out cheques, long enough that you forget that you have a cheque coming.  On the other hand, opening up your mail and finding a cheque instead of a bill is always a BONUS!

My Take:  You should sign up!

Considering that Ebates.ca is free and how little effort it takes to accumulate earnings, the fact that you can earn on purchases you would be making anyway, and the fact that your earnings are cash, I think that anyone and everyone can benefit from Ebates.ca

Finally, eBates.ca is offering a $5 Welcome bonus to help you get your earning started.  You can get this $5 Welcome Bonus with or without a referral, but if this review was helpful or informative for you, I hope you might consider using my referral code or click the button below.  By doing so, you’ll get your $5 bonus and I will get a matching $5 credit as well.


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