More Bang 4 Your Buck has two goals.

The first is to help Canadians save or keep more of their money.  The second is to create a space for dialogue about personal finance for Canadians.

What is money for?  Money is meant to be spent!

Money itself can’t do anything for you.  It won’t feed you, keep you warm, or give you shelter.  That being said, you can use money to buy food, keep your furnace on, and rent or buy a home.

When we’re spending our money, we always have many choices at a variety of price points.  In general, it seems that the more we pay the more convenience we get – we pay for easy.  That being said, sometimes that convenience and easiness is not always important to us.  One of the things this blog will do is to explore different ways you can save a significant amount of money by doing a little more yourself.  This blog is never going to tell you that to spend on ‘this’ on ‘that’ is a waste.  Everyone has different priorities, tastes, and values.

Every decision we make has an opportunity cost.  Occasionally there are options that are under-priced, but for the most part we choose between spending more time and energy or spending more money.   Cooking dinner and cleaning up will cost far less than eating out at a restaurant, but you will end up spending far more time and energy buying the groceries, prepping the dinner and doing the dishes afterwards.  Buying that meal at restaurant is far more convenient, but you will cost you far more.  Blog posts will examine the differences in time, energy and costs between premium options that provide convenience and lower-priced alternatives to help readers make deliberate decisions to get the most value for their dollars.  Whether you choose to pay more for the convenience, or to spend less and do more yourself, it’s a calculated decision.

To get the More Bang 4 Your Buck, or the most bang for your buck, I hope to highlight cheaper alternatives that require minimal if not no time and effort, without sacrificing the quality of goods or services and a negligible difference in convenience.

How would you feel if I offered you $100? 

Interested?  I bet!  How would you feel if I offered you that $100 but insisted on a couple minutes of your time?  Still interested?  I’d be too!  Who wouldn’t want $100?  What if I showed you how to take a couple minutes to make a change that would save you $100?  The MoreBang4YourBuck blog is full of different ways you can give yourself that extra $100 by saving it.  Of course, some of these savings will take minimal time and effort while others will take more.  The emphasis is going to be on finding ways to keep more money in your pocket, with negligible time and effort.

No matter your means, I believe that we can all optimize our finances – that we can make the money we have go further.  Since money doesn’t grow on trees, I see four options:  1) making more; 2) saving more; 3) making your spending go further; and 4) investing (making your money make money).  This blog will cover all four options, but for the most part, this blog will focus on saving and stretching your dollars the second and third options.  With life being as busy as it is, and with their being a limit of 24 hours in a day, there’s a limit to how much you can work.  I think it’s easier to save money or to make your money go further than it is to earn more or work more.  It can be more efficient too!  $1 saved is worth closer to a $1.30 of earnings (before taxes, and depending on your marginal tax rate).  

One thing this blog will not be, is me writing about how you shouldn’t be spending money on ‘this’, or, about how ‘that’ is a waste of money.  Different people value different things, differently.  Personal finance is personal.  What works for me may not work for you.  So, one thing I do is to objectively explore the relative costs of typical every-day expenses.  By comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different available options, I hope to help make it easier for you to decide which one has a higher value for you.

Why do I think dialogue is important?  Finances affect every part of our lives.  Money itself does not necessarily have any value, but it allows you to do everything and you need it for everything.  At the same time though, it’s a bit of a taboo.  You’re not supposed to talk about it, but this limits our ability to understand our finances.  If you have questions, send me an email (morebang4yourbuckcanada@gmail.com) and it may be featured in a future blog post.  If you have feedback or insight into any of my posts, please comment!


If you’d like to know more about me, check out the first blog post!